Admin · November 28, 2018
Datuk Paul Chua WBPF Secretary General and ABBF President together with Christina Kam and Rasmey Sokmongkol SEABPF Deputy President had done the inspection of the venue for the 16th South East Asian Bodybuilding and physique Sports Championships at the magnificent MCC Hall in Yangon city center. The event will be held from May 16th to […]
Admin · November 25, 2018
Make your dream come true in Chiang Mai. All the players who participated are the hero. Get the price of sweat you shed. The 10th WBPF World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championships. 11-17 December 2018. Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Admin · November 15, 2018
Datuk Paul Chua, the President of ABBFand WBPF Secretary General together with Christina Kam WBPF Executive Director and Rasmey Sokmongkol the Deputy President of SEABPF had an audience with H.E. DR. MAUNG MAUNG SOE, Mayor of Yangon City Development Committee & Minister, Development Affairs of Yangon Region. He is also the Chairman of the 2019 […]
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